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Fall 2020: Important Academic Dates 

Please Note: The Fall 2020 Calendar is not yet final.
Please check back for updates.

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Date(s) Event

Aug 26 @ 9AM - 7PM (Round 1)

Aug 28 @ 7AM (Round 2)

Course Add/Drop Begins for Seniors

Aug 26 @ 1PM - 11PM (Round 1)

Aug 28 @ 10AM (Round 2)

Course Add/Drop Begins for Juniors

Aug 27 @ 7AM - 5PM (Round 1)

Aug 28 @ 1PM (Round 2)

Course Add/Drop Begins for Sophomores

Aug 27 @ 10AM - 8PM (Round 1)

Aug 31 @ 8AM (Round 2)

Course Add/Drop Begins for Freshmen
September 2, Wednesday Classes Begin
September 7, Monday Labor Day- Classes will be held
September 9, Wednesday 7-week 1 Add Ends
September 16, Wednesday Last day to Add a Class/Change Credit Without a Petition
September 23, Wednesday 7-week 1 Drop Ends
September 28, Monday First Deadline for Submitting Independent Major Requests
October 5, Monday Deadline to Apply to the College Scholar Program (sophomores only)
October 14, Wednesday No Classes
October 15, Thursday Instruction Resumes
TBA Spring ‘21 Class & Time Roster Published
October 21, Wednesday 7-week 2 Begins
October 28, Wednesday 7-week 2 Add Ends
October 28, Wednesday Last Day to Drop a Class Without a "W" and Without a Petition (57th day of the term)
Last Day to Change Grade Option From S/U to Letter or From Letter to S/U
October 29, Thursday First Day a "W" will Appear on the Transcript for Classes Withdrawn by Petition
November 11, Wednesday 7-week 2 Drop Ends
November 14, Saturday -
November 16, Monday
Semi-Final Study Days - No Classes
November 17, Tuesday -
November 24, Tuesday
Semi-Final Exams - No Classes
November 23, Monday Second Deadline for Submitting Independent Major Requests
November 24, Tuesday In-Person Instruction Ends
November 25, Wednesday Student Thanksgiving Recess Begins
November 30, Monday Online Instruction Resumes
December 4, Friday Last Day to Withdraw from a Class by Petition with a "W" Appearing on the Transcript
December 16, Wednesday Last Day of Classes 
December 17, Thursday First Day of Online Scheduled Exams 
December 21, Monday Last Day of Online Scheduled Exams 
December 21, Monday Last Day of Semester
December 31, Tuesday December Degree Conferral Date

Spring 2021: Important Academic Dates

Please check back for the full Spring Calendar.


Date(s) Event
February 8, Monday Classes Begin
March 9, Tuesday -
March 10, Wednesday
Wellness Days - No Classes
March 29, Monday 7-week 2 Classes Begin
April 23, Friday -
April 26, Monday
Wellness Days - No Classes
April 27, Tuesday Instruction Resumes
May 14, Friday Last Day of Classes 
May 15, Saturday-
May 18, Tuesday
Study Period
May 19, Wednesday First Day of Scheduled Exams
May 25, Tuesday Last Day of Scheduled Exams
May 30, Sunday Commencement / May Degree Conferral Date