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College of Arts and Sciences

Alex Townsend

Assistant Professor

 Alex Townsend

Department and Program Affiliations:

Academic focus:
Numerical analysis and scientific computing 

Current research project: 
I am interested in the study and development of numerical algorithms in applied mathematics. I mainly work in the following three areas: (1) novel spectral methods for the solution of differential equations, (2) the asymptotics of special functions for image reconstruction, convolution, and quadrature, and (3) numerical algebraic geometry for the solution of polynomial systems.  

Previous positions:
Applied Math Instructor, Mathematics Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014-2016

Academic background: 
D.Phil., Numerical Analysis, University of Oxford, 2014 
M.Math, Mathematics, University of Oxford, 2010 

Last book read:
“Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren

In my own time/when not working:  
Squash, learning Chinese, reading popular science

Courses you're most looking forward to teaching:  
A topics course

What excites you most about Cornell:
The other researchers