Advisory Council Position Description

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Position Description

Volunteer Position: Member 
Organization Name: College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council 
Number of Seats: 60 
Process for Filling Position: Invitation of the dean. Membership Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the dean. 
Eligible Constituencies: Alumni, Parents, Friends 

Summary of Position

Invitation to serve on the A&S Advisory Council recognizes an individual’s commitment to and support of the College of Arts and Sciences and its mission to provide a foundation in the liberal arts for all Cornell students and, within the college, to foster the intellectual curiosity that drives outstanding research, scholarship, and teaching in the liberal arts. Members of the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council serve as advisors to the dean of the college and as advocates and ambassadors for the college. Through attendance and participation at Advisory Council meetings, selected activities throughout the year, and philanthropic support, advisory council members demonstrate their volunteer leadership on behalf of the college.

Talent Expectations

Council members have four main roles: as advisors, advocates, ambassadors, and philanthropic supporters of the College. 

  • Advisors: through discussions at the semi-annual council meetings and informally throughout the year, members serve as a sounding board for the dean and others, representing the standpoint of alumni, parents and friends whose perspective on Cornell reflects their engagements in the world at large.
  • Advocates: members serve as advocates for the value of liberal arts education, and the essential, foundational role the College of Arts and Sciences plays within the University.
  • Ambassadors:  as informed insiders, members serve as ambassadors for the college to other groups at Cornell, as well as in their business networks and home communities.
  • Philanthropic supporters: as volunteer leaders, in addition to their personal financial support (see below), members are asked to support the fundraising priorities of the college by helping to identify and engage other supporters.

Time Expectations 

  • Average Time Commitment: Participation in 2 meetings (1.5 days each) per year; time commitment between meetings varies
  • Term of Office: 4 years – members may be invited to serve for 3 consecutive terms before being required to take a hiatus.
  • Does Position Involve Meeting Attendance? Yes, 2 times per year
  • If yes, where? Typically on campus, 1 out of every 4 in NYC; occasionally other locations

Yearly Philanthropic Expectation

All members are expected to make annual contributions to the College of Arts and Sciences Annual Fund, commensurate with their capability. Members are encouraged to make additional contributions to other areas of the College of Arts and Sciences and Cornell, in keeping with their interests and ability. 

Responsible Staff Member

David K. Whitmore '96
Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs and Development