Transfer Option

Welcome to the information page for students who received a transfer option letter from the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell. Below is additional information.

What are the requirements for applying to transfer?

If you are interested in pursuing this transfer option, we encourage you to apply to enter our college as a sophomore for Fall 2021 after completing two semesters as a full-time student at another reputable college or university. To be a competitive transfer applicant as a sophomore, you should pursue a full-time curriculum (taking at least 8 courses) in the liberal arts and sciences. Successful transfer applicants to our college typically have a grade point average of at least 3.5, no grades below B, and no disciplinary infractions. You are welcome to contact our office to discuss your college choices and if you have questions about course selection.  

Do I need to let anyone know I'm interested?

No, you do not need to do anything at this time. If you are interested in applying to the college, you will apply later this year.

What courses should I take?

You should take whatever your school defines as a full load of courses in a variety of subjects in the liberal arts and sciences. You might want to include at least one course in writing, further your competence in a foreign language, and explore possible majors. The admissions committee likes to see a broad, liberal arts and sciences curriculum. For more information, please contact our Transfer Coordinator, Tam Shapiro (

How do I apply?

The transfer application for Fall 2021 is now open at Transfer Option Application. (Students must set up an applicant account by clicking on the Applicant link next to "Don't have an account?" on the home page.) We will waive the usual application fee.

The TO application must be submitted electronically.  Any supplemental information required by the college/school can be attached to the TO form. The TO Mid Term and College Report forms can be printed and submitted by mail.

I received a transfer option letter from the College of Arts and Sciences. Can I apply to another college at Cornell?

You may apply to another college at Cornell, but you will need to use the regular transfer application and pay the application fee. If you are interested in applying to another college at Cornell, please contact that college's admissions office to discuss your options.

Will I need to re-apply for financial aid?

Yes. Please consult with the Office of Financial Aid regarding your application for financial aid. 

Is there someone I can contact with questions?

Please feel free to contact Tam Shapiro (, Transfer Coordinator.