Adam Mahar

Class of 2016

Hometown: Rumford, Maine

What was your College Scholar project?
I used a computational approach to linguistics, and so I focused heavily on linguistics and computer science, as well as studying languages themselves. The courses which have been the most valuable have been Introduction to Syntax & Semantics, Neurolinguistics Seminar and History of the Romance Languages, all of which have shaped my thinking regarding language and our study of it.  I cannot offer enough thanks to those professors who worked ever so hard to tease a modicum of original thought out of me. I am grateful to Cornell, the College Scholar program, and the Rawlings Presidential Research Scholars program for granting me so many opportunities to pursue my academic interests over the past four years.

What were your most important extra-curricular activities?
I was on the Cornell Nordic Ski Team for the entirety of my time at Cornell.  I served as Alumni chair in his Sophomore year, and became team captain in my Junior year.  I attended United States Ski and Snowboard Club nationals all four years, placing as high 10th overall. As a senior, I joined the cycling club and found that to be quite fun, riding several collegiate races and even eking out a victory at the local Tuesday night series.

What are you doing now, and what are your long-term plans? 
I will be going to work as a web developer for a small retail company, Gear West, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Graduate school is likely in my future.