Peer Advisor Program

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About the Program

As the largest of Cornell's seven colleges, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a wide variety of possible majors. It is therefore very easy to feel overwhelmed. The peer advisor program was developed to help incoming first-year students become acquainted with all that the college has to offer. Although they do not provide academic advice, peer advisors are there to offer a student's perspective of life at Cornell, to answer questions, and to help make the transition to college life a bit smoother. 

How to Become a Peer Advisor

Interested in getting involved on campus, developing leadership experience, and helping out incoming A&S freshmen? The A&S Peer Advisor Program is looking for motivated, charismatic, and responsible students to guide incoming first-years for 2018!

Please note that you must be available from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm on the Tuesday of Orientation, August 21st. 


What is an A&S Peer Advisor?

A&S Peer Advisors facilitate the transition to college by providing new first-year students with an introduction to Cornell and the College of Arts and Sciences. A Peer Advisor is assigned a small number of advisees (no more than 12) and assists them while they prepare to come to Cornell and make a personal and social transition. A Peer Advisor is a good role model who values learning and the “life of the mind” and successfully balances academics and extracurricular activities.

What does an A&S Peer Advisor do?

  • Attends two short training and professional development sessions (one in April, one on Tuesday, August 21).
  • Reaches out to their group of no more than 12 advisees via email in June, and begins answering questions about Cornell/the College of Arts and Sciences as necessary.
  • Continues to be available for questions via email throughout the summer.
  • Meets with their group of advisees from 12-1pm on the Tuesday before classes start.
  • Is available during the fall semester to meet with new students for two follow-up meetings (timing is flexible).

Will new students be assigned to me by major?

No. Your advisees may or may not be interested in the same fields of study as you are. Remember that many students change their minds about what they want to major in as they explore their academic interests and learn about majors they never knew existed.

Can I be both an Orientation Leader and an A&S Peer Advisor?

Yes – the two roles do not overlap.

Can I be both a Biology Student Advisor and an A&S Peer Advisor?

No – the timing of Orientation events does not allow students to serve in both roles.


Complete and submit the online application no later than Monday, March 19. If you have questions, please contact Jayla Greene at