A pioneer of scientific tools

By: Jackie Swift,  Cornell Research
January 9, 2017

“Most scientists focus on a very specific area, but I do many different things,” says Sol Gruner, physics. “I’m a research mutt. Mainly, I develop tools to attack scientific problems people haven’t looked at yet, largely because the tools needed to solve those problems haven’t existed.”

Gruner’s tool-making expertise has resulted in an array of scientific breakthroughs and developments over the years. One area of research he is well-known for involves the development of new kinds of x-ray detectors for use at synchrotron facilities. X-ray detectors are crucial tools that use x-ray fraction to examine how materials change during experiments, and for several decades, Gruner’s has been one of the foremost groups working in this field. Sol Gruner, known for developing x-ray detectors, is a toolmaker for tackling scientific problems and exploring the unknown.

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