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Gretchen Ritter

The Harold Tanner Dean of Arts & Sciences

607-255-1097 @rittergaus


Read Dean Ritter's 2017 "State of the College" address.

Gretchen Ritter '83 joined Cornell in August 2013 as the Harold Tanner Dean of Arts and Sciences and professor of government. A third-generation Cornellian, she is the College's first female dean. She previously served as vice provost and professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin. She has also taught at MIT, Princeton and Harvard.  

Dean Ritter received her B.A. in government from Cornell and a Ph.D. in political science from MIT. She has written numerous articles and essays, authored "The Constitution as Social Design: Gender and Civic Membership in the American Constitutional Order" and "Goldbugs and Greenbacks: The Antimonopoly Tradition and the Politics of Finance in America, 1865–1896," and co-edited "Democratization in America: A Comparative and Historical Perspective."

In recent years, her research has taken two tracks. She continues her work on the history of women's Constitutional rights as well as studies on contemporary issues concerning democracy and citizenship in American politics. In the context of her administrative roles at UT Austin and Cornell, Dean Ritter has contributed to research on efforts to reduce college achievement gaps that include intervention strategies and the exploration of new learning models in higher education.

At Cornell, Dean Ritter has emphasized a renewed commitment to undergraduate education that embraces engaged learning models and incorporates emerging technologies and experiential learning. She has also prioritized efforts to improve both external and internal communications, and she has overseen the most successful annual fund in the history of the College of Arts & Sciences. 

She is the recipient of several fellowships and awards, including a National Endowment for Humanities Fellowship, the Radcliffe Research Partnership Award, a Liberal Arts Fellowship at Harvard Law School and an Outstanding Administrators Award from the Academic Counselors Association.


Andrew Bass

Senior Associate Dean for Math & Science



Andrew Bass is a professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. As Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, Bass oversees the physical and life sciences and mathematics disciplines, several interdisciplinary programs and the Diversity Council; serves as liaison to the university’s inter-college labs and science centers; and provides oversight for research funding in the College.

A behavioral and evolutionary neuroscientist, Bass’ research strives to explain how variation in vertebrate brain organization leads to different behavioral phenotypes both within and between species. Informed by studies of animals behaving in their native habitats, his research uses fishes as model systems to explain how animals generate acoustic communication signals and how the auditory system comes to be tuned to those signals.


Rachel Bean

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education



Rachel Bean is a Professor in the Department of Astronomy. As Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education for the College of Arts & Sciences, Bean oversees the undergraduate student services spanning admissions, advising and career development. She also provides oversight of the College’s undergraduate curriculum and serves as liaison to the university on the College’s undergraduate program.

Bean’s research is in the field of cosmology, the study of how the universe began and evolved into what we see today. Her work focuses on extracting information about cosmological theories, of dark energy, the properties of gravity on cosmic scales and primordial inflation, using astrophysical observations of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and large scale structure data (galaxies and clusters of galaxies).


Marilyn Migiel

Senior Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities



Marilyn Migiel '75 is professor of Romance Studies in the Department of Romance Studies at Cornell. As Senior Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities, she oversees departments and programs in the arts and humanities, the J.S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, and the College Scholar Program.

Migiel received her A.B. in Medieval Studies (as an independent major) from Cornell University in 1975 and her Ph.D. in Italian Language and Literature from Yale University in 1981. Prior to joining the Cornell faculty in 1987, she taught Italian language and literature at Yale.

Having benefited immensely from her undergraduate study with Cornell faculty who were outstanding teachers and scholars, Migiel is deeply committed to undergraduate education.

While Migiel teaches and works on a wide array of texts and authors from the Italian Middle Ages to the present day, she is known primarily for her feminist readings of medieval and Renaissance Italian literature. Her best-known publication is A Rhetoric of the “Decameron,” which received the MLA’s 2004 Howard R. Marraro Prize for outstanding scholarship in Italian. Her book, The Ethical Dimension of the “Decameron,” was published by the University of Toronto Press in 2015 and received the MLA's 2016 Howard R. Marraro Prize. In her recent and ongoing research, Migiel is especially interested in how literary works engage us in reflection about our ethical choices.


Ted O'Donoghue

Senior Associate Dean for Social Science



Ted O'Donoghue is Zubrow Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics. As Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, O'Donoghue oversees the social science disciplines and a number of interdisciplinary programs. He also serves as liaison to the university on the College’s international programs and provides oversight of graduate education.

O’Donoghue’s research lies in the emerging field of behavioral economics, which incorporates insights from psychology into economics. Much of his research is in the domain of intertemporal choices, including research on self-control problems due to a time-inconsistent taste for immediate gratification and the impact of projecting current tastes onto predictions for what one will want in the future. O’Donoghue is currently researching how best to understand how people approach choices between risky options.

Senior Staff

Position Name Contact
Associate Dean of Administration David M. Taylor 607-255-1097
Interim Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development Katherine Anderson 607-255-8478
Director of Admissions John Morganelli Jr. 607-255-4833
Director of Advising Bonnie Comella 607-255-4833
Director of Career Development Jennifer Maclaughlin 607-255-4166
Director of Communications Tricia M. Barry 607-255-7165  @triciambarry
Director of Planning, Policy & Academic Support Kathleen Gemmell 607-255-7335