Diversity & Inclusion

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At Cornell, you will find thousands of students of truly diverse backgrounds, as well as professors and student services staff to help you begin your college journey.

We invite you to explore the many academic, residential and social opportunities you will find at Cornell to learn more about your own heritage, celebrate our cultures and build connections with the communities of your choice. Some places to start:

A Caring Community

Many resources and opportunities for exchange are available on campus for those seeking caring connections.

Learn about the specific information and resources that the university provides to guide and support those with questions and concerns:

Academic Programs & Departments

Cultural, Resource & Advising Centers

What are Cornell students doing on campus? At any one time, they might be:

Financial Aid Information

Our Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment works hard to meet your family’s needs regarding college expenses. As you consider your options, please double-check that your financial aid application is complete. Remember that Cornell offers need-based financial aid awards that are guaranteed for your four years of college, assuming that your family situation remains the same. 

different countries represented by members of the Class of 2019
Members of the Class of 2019 who identify themselves as U.S. students of color