Pre-enrollment Tips

By: Agnes Shin,  A&S Communications
November 6, 2015


  • Every student in Arts & Sciences is assigned a faculty advisor and advising dean. Take advantage of the resources around you! If you’re unsure about what classes to enroll in or have a tentative schedule that you’d like someone to look over, schedule an appointment with your advising dean or contact your faculty advisor (available on Student Center under “program advisor”).
  • Every first-year student is also assigned a peer advisor. Your upperclassmen peer advisors have valuable advice and want to help you! They understand that pre-enrollment is stressful and have learned a lot from experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out!
  • Begin exploring two to three majors that interest you, and continue taking courses that you enjoy. Don’t feel pressured to enroll in classes just to fulfill distributional requirements. As a freshman, you have the liberty to choose classes that fascinate you.  
  • Complete your required first year writing seminars! Offerings will be viewable starting Monday, November 9. The ballot submission will open Wednesday, November 11, starting at 9am, and end Tuesday, November 17, at 11:50pm.
  • Start thinking about what language you’d like to take, especially if you are planning on studying abroad. You have the option to continue a language you took in high school or start a new language! More details on the foreign language requirement here.


  • As a sophomore, you should have one or two majors in mind – now is the time to start narrowing your choices down. Many will more or less have decided on a major. If you’re still unsure, take this opportunity to reflect on how the semester has gone and how your interests have developed. If you’re taking classes in different departments, try making connections between those classes. Are there any common themes?
  • Meet with your faculty advisor or advising dean. They can make sure that you have the classes you need for your intended major, or help you make progress towards selecting one.
  • Keep in mind that two-thirds of your coursework will be outside your major. Use this worksheet to keep track of the Arts and Sciences degree requirements, and monitor your progress on your DUST report.

Regardless of whether you are a freshman or a sophomore, remember: your pre-enroll schedule is only the first draft of your final schedule. Almost every student makes minor or major adjustments to their schedule once classes begin, so don’t panic! 

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