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"American Capitalism: A History"

A Free Cornell University Online Course

Bubble, crash, recession, choked growth — sound familiar?

Learn why the world works the way it does in "American Capitalism: A History," a free online course taught by popular Cornell professors Ed Baptist and Louis Hyman.

Explore the people, markets, and investments that transformed America's 13 backwater colonies into a global power and created the world in which we live today.

Learn essential lessons about capitalism's radical reorganization of investment and work in the last few hundred years, the likes of which humans have never seen before.

Meet the forgotten, the famous — and the infamous. See how capitalism shaped the lives of consumers and how they in turn shaped capitalism.

"Capitalism is a global story of political radicals and social reformers, of corporate titans and desperate slaves, of prosperous consumers and struggling workers, of men and women striving to make better lives for themselve … Capitalism is our story, and it's still being written." – Ed Baptist

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