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For more information, including submitting a late application, contact Dean Ray Kim, chair of the Arts & Sciences Internal Transfer Committee, or 607-255-4833. Or visit Cornell's website for internal transfers. Walk-in hours, on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00PM in KG17 Klarman Hall

For many reasons, you might decide to transfer from another college within Cornell into the College of Arts & Sciences. To do that, know these guidelines:

  • As an internal transfer, you must spend four semesters on campus as an Arts & Sciences student and complete our major and distribution requirements.
  • You should be in good standing in your home college with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 and must earn at least a 2.7 in the semester you apply. First-year students can apply at the end of your first semester, but you must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in your first semester. We will review the high school records of all first-year, first-semester applicants to ensure appropriate strength in your preparation for the liberal arts.
  • If you transfer as a junior, you won't be able to study abroad or participate in other off-campus programs during the fall and spring semester because of the on-campus residency requirement.
  • Because we require students to apply to a major by the end of their sophomore year, if you apply to transfer as a second-semester sophomore, you must submit documentation that you have been accepted (or provisionally accepted) into an Arts & Sciences major.
  • Because of the College’s four-semester residency requirement, if you externally transfer into Cornell as a second-semester sophomore or later, you won't be eligible for internal transfer into Arts & Sciences.
  • If you're withdrawn or on required leave of absence from your home college, you need to seek permission from Dean Ray Kim, chair of the Arts & Sciences Internal Transfer Committee, before applying for internal transfer.
  • If you meet the GPA requirement and are enrolled in 9 to11 Arts & Sciences credits in the semester you apply, you may be considered for direct transfer into the College, although other factors will also be considered. If you don't meet those requirements, you may be offered conditional acceptance into the College for one semester, with official admittance after successful completion of the semester with the required GPA.
  • To apply for an internal transfer, complete the online Internal Transfer Application and submit an Arts & Sciences faculty recommendation to Monica McFall in KG17 Klarman Hall. Second-semester sophomores must submit additional documentation to show that they have been admitted to an Arts & Sciences major. 
  • Arts & Sciences students who wish to explore the option of internally transferring to another college or school should contact the internal transfer coordinator of the target college or school and/or the Office of Internal Transfer.


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