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Committee Members

Cornell University Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences Cornell University

College of Arts and Sciences, Liberal Arts at Cornell University

Hull Memorial Fund Committee

3-yr. Terms (not including leaves), appointed.
5 members including Chair, plus ex-officio member from C.U. Press.

Durba Ghosh Chair (7/14-9/17)
Department of History
321 Mcgraw Hall

David Yearsley (7/12-9/15)
Department of Music
341 Lincoln Hall

Peter J. Potter (ex-officio), indefinite term
Editor in Chief and Acting Co-Director
Cornell University Press
Sage House

Elizabeth Anker (7/14 - 9/17)
Department of English
250 Goldwin Smith Hall

Suman Seth (7/14 – 9/17)
Department of Science & Technology Studies
306 Rockefeller Hall

Jane Fajans (10/13-9/16)
Department of Anthropology
McGraw Hall

Contact Information

Committee Chair
Durba Ghosh

Ellen Harris