Dean's Prize

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Teaching assistants who have demonstrated their devotion to undergraduate teaching— including classroom presence, course preparation and administration, student counseling, and, where applicable, development of new courses and new methods of student instruction — may be recognized with the Dean's Prize for Distinguished Teaching. Four $500 awards are given each year.

Nomination Process


To nominate a teaching assistant, send a letter to the department chair by February 1.

Chairs and directors of graduate studies:

All nomination packages must be submitted to the dean by either a department chair or a director of graduate studies. The deadline for nominations is March 1. If that date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the next business day becomes the deadline.

Each nomination must include:

  • Information about teaching performance
  • Letters from undergraduates (both majors & non-majors) including details on how the letters were obtained
  • Letter of nomination from the department chair including the opinions of the nominator(s)

The nomination materials should be submitted:

  • In one PDF file for each nominee using the following naming convention: Nominee last name-first initial_award-name_2015.pdf, for example: Huxley-T_Dean-2015.pdf
  • By email to the Arts & Sciences Awards Committee, with the award name in the subject of your email. You may submit multiple pdf files for a single award in one email, but each nomination must include a priority ranking.

Questions should be directed to the Arts & Sciences Awards Committee



  • ​Amber Harding, English
  • Adam Miller, psychology
  • Emily RIals, English
  • Kristina Smiley, psychology


  • ​Tim Sorg, history
  • Lauren (Alex) Harmon, English
  • Kaylin (Myers) O’Dell, English
  • Christine (Xine) Yao, English


  • Elizabeth Blake, English
  • Soumyajit Bose, physics
  • Corinna Matlis, medieval studies
  • Tatiana Sverjensky, comparative literature


  • Daniel Baldassare, neurobiology & behavior
  • Pauline Goul, Romance studies
  • Rebecca Kosick, comparative literature
  • Mallory SoRelle, government


  • Matthew Bucemi, English
  • Erin Hern, government
  • Morgan Mouchka
  • Pablo García-Piñar


  • Danielle Cudmore, medieval studies
  • Paul Flaig, comparative literature
  • Steven Pinkerton, English
  • Danielle Thomsen, government


  • Alexis Briley, comparative literature
  • Sarah Ensor, English
  • Kristin McKie, government
  • Catherine Biba, history


  • Melissa Gniadek, English
  • Thomas McSweeney, history
  • Deondra Rose, government
  • Ben Weber, medieval studies


  • Peter Bailey, English
  • Leila Ibrahim, government
  • Jessica Metzler, English
  • John Rowehl, music


  • Chad Bennett, English
  • Lucia Seybert, government
  • Krupa Shandilya, English


  • Brian Barringer, ecology & evolutionary biology
  • Caetlin Benson-Allott, English
  • Stephen Nelson, government
  • Anna Paparcone, Romance studies


  • Curtis Jirsa, medieval studies
  • Nicole Marafioti, medieval studies
  • Angela Naimou, English
  • Seo-Hyun Park, government