Timeline & Milestones

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Building Foundation (January 2016 – July 2016)

January: Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) formed. Laura Brown assumes position as CRC chair.

January-April: CRC members meet by sub-committee to work in three areas:

  • gathering data: information sharing & exchange 
  • drafting requirement ideas and scenarios
  • exploring connections to pedagogy

March-April: Group discussions with students, advising staff, directors of undergraduate study, and university associate deans group

May: Committee report to Dean Ritter.

July: Launch of as.cornell.edu/curriculum to serve as public hub for the curriculum discussion.

Activating Discussions College-wide (August 2016 – January 2017)

August: CRC representatives meet with department chairs and program directors at the Dean’s retreat; the CRC also convenes with department directors of undergraduate study in two meetings.

August 30: The College announces publicly (via the Cornell Chronicle and Arts & Sciences website) that it is considering curriculum changes and offers three scenarios to kick off public discussions and exploration.

September: Department and program Liaison Group forms as a sounding board for the CRC. This group begins participating in monthly meetings to create in-time exchange between CRC work topics and college faculty.

September 12: College-wide faculty meeting convenes to discuss the curriculum review process and solicit feedback.

September-October: CRC representatives meet with the A&S Advisory Council, humanities collective, the chemistry and astronomy departments, two faculty focus groups, one student focus group, the CALS curriculum committee, CHE representatives, and biology curriculum committee.

October 28: President Rawlings’ State of the University address calls on colleges to examine core curriculum and highlights perspectives on curriculum, pedagogy, and value of Cornell education. After Rawlings’ address, a panel convenes to discuss core curriculum concerns and liberal education.

November 3: CRC continues to review feedback across the college and holds evolving scenario workshop to start a redraft of the initial scenarios.

November 10: The Liaison Group submits draft of "Principles of a Liberal Education" for review.

November 21: The College releases a news update on progress to date with the curriculum discussion and publicly releases the “Principles of a Liberal Education” document for feedback.

November 30: Early Career Faculty Forum convened by CRC to solicit feedback. CRC synthesizes college feedback to date into new structures for core requirements, now labeled “evolving frameworks.”

November-December: CRC representatives meet with the Engineering curriculum committee, FGSS, the university associate deans group, two faculty focus groups, one student focus group, and the humanities collective. The A&S Student Advisory Group organizes a series of student-faculty meetings. Various faculty lead five informal focus groups.

December 13: Humanities chairs submit a curriculum proposal during the college chairs meeting. CRC presents update to department chairs on progress to date and emerging areas of agreement.

December 19: Provost’s humanities task force (CIVIC) issues report  that addresses curriculum innovation and teaching.

December 29: CRC submits progress report to Dean Ritter.

January 23: College-wide faculty forum with Interim President Hunter Rawlings. Tom Pepinsky assumes position as CRC chair for the next phase of the curriculum process.

First Draft of Proposal (January 2017 – March 2017)

January 24: Dean Ritter meets with the CRC and department Liaison Group to initiate the next phase of proposal drafting with a due date by end of February.

January 27: CRC initiates weekly meetings.

February: Proposal drafting in process.

March 3: CRC finalizes proposal draft and presents to the Liaison Group.

Introducing the Proposal and Gathering Feedback (March 2017 – May 2017)

March 7: Introduce draft proposal online at as.cornell.edu/curriculum.

March-early May: More than 30 meetings with departments and programs scheduled to receive feedback on the draft proposal from faculty.

March 9: Faculty town hall to introduce and discuss draft proposal, held in Rhodes Rawlings Auditorium, Klarman Hall.

March 24: Dean presents first draft of CRC proposal to the Board of Trustees.

March 31: CRC convenes to discuss initial feedback.

April 11: Chairs hold special meeting to discuss curriculum.

April 14: CRC chair presents to College Associate Deans.

April 19: Dean's Student Advisory Council holds student forum in Uris Hall on the curriculum.

May 9: CRC presents feedback from initial proposal to faculty in live faculty meeting, held in Rockefeller Hall.

Second Draft of Proposal (August 2017 – December 2017)

September 6: Dean holds State of the College meeting with college faculty and staff

September-November: CRC holds small group meetings with faculty across the college

Faculty & students engaged in the curriculum discussion in fall 2016
Meetings and forums scheduled with departments, programs, faculty and students during the first draft review process in March & April 2017.