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Freshman Requirements

Cornell University Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences Cornell University

College of Arts and Sciences, Liberal Arts at Cornell University

Freshman Admission  Requirements

Secondary-School Subjects  

16 units, including 4 of English, 3 of mathematics, 3 of science, and 3 of one foreign language (Deficiencies should be explained in a letter accompanying the application for admission.) College courses taken during high school may be available for transfer credit.  No credit, however, will be awarded for courses taken during high school, unless the student attended the course(s) on a college or university campus (i.e., no credit will be awarded for courses designated college-level if the courses were offered in the student's high school).  Further, no credit will be awarded for a college-level course taken during high school if the course was used to fulfill high school requirements or one of the 16 high school units required for admission.

Standardized Testing  

SAT or the ACT; SAT Subject Tests required in 2 subjects; if English is not your first language: TOEFL or IELTS.

Recommended Preparation  

Visits encouraged, and information sessions recommended.  

We Are Looking For ...

Rigorous high school curriculum, outstanding record of academic achievement, and a strong commitment to the liberal arts and sciences.

For more information about college-specific requirements, including TOEFL or IELTS requirements, please refer to the following link: