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Majors Detail

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Cornell's English majors are trained in the rigors and pleasures of critical analysis, close reading, and lucid writing. Through writing workshops and a vast historical and geographical range of literature courses, students explore the values and problems of human experience and culture via narrative, image, and the written word. The Honors Program challenges majors to produce a critical project as the culmination of their degree. The PhD and MFA programs enable advanced students to pursue intensive study with a distinguished faculty committed to creative and intellectual community. The writing and analytics skills of English majors from Cornell have served them well in various careers, including journalism, publishing, teaching, medicine, law, social work, and business, among others.

Interesting Classes

  • Shakespeare and the 20th Century
  • The English Literary Tradition
  • The Great American Cornell Novel
  • Black Women Writers


Students went on to...

  • Study creative writing at Columbia University
  • Study veterinary medicine at University of Pennsylvania
  • Be a production assistant at Fox News


More Information

More information for the English major, English minor, English graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.