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Undergraduate majors study complex social and cultural systems through three subfields of anthropology: cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology. Topics ranging from identity politics and globalization to prehistory and human evolution are offered and focus on every major geographical region in the world. Graduate courses address a range of theoretical issues, including those related to religion, gender, economics, colonialism, democratization, prehistoric cultures, race, behavioral evolution and conservation. Anthropology is an ideal "liberal arts" major, preparing students for a wide range of professional careers, such as law, medicine, Foreign Service, policy analysis, development, social services, museums and business.

Interesting Classes

  • Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Issues
  • Medicine, Culture, and Society
  • Myth, Ritual, and Symbol
  • Sovereignty and Biopolitics
  • Conflict, Dispute Resolution, and Law in Cultural Context

Students went on to...

  • Graduate work in museum studies at NYU
  • Study genetics at the University of Wisconsin
  • Investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch
  • Be an assistant buyer for Bloomingdales


More Information

More information for the Anthropology major, Anthropology minor, Anthropology graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.