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Near Eastern Studies

The Near Eastern Studies major affords students the opportunity to acquire language skills as well as familiarity with the history, cultures, literatures and religions of the Near East/Middle East from antiquity to the modern day. The major is designed both to acquaint students broadly with the region and its cultures and to study a particular subfield in depth. The Near East/Middle East extends from Turkey east through Iran and Afghanistan, south through the Arabian Pennisula to Yemen, and across north Africa from Egypt to Morocco. (The regions in which the four major languages of the Near East/Middle East are spoken: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish.) Special focus is given to the ancient east Mediterranean and Mesopotamian regions and to the Levant and Egypt. Many of our majors go on to pursue advanced degrees in law, medicine and business, as well as graduate degrees in Near Eastern Studies; other students find employment in various governmental organizations, museums and private organizations or employment in a variety of countries in the Middle East.

Interesting Classes

  • Holy War, Crusade, and Jihad
  • Education of Princes: Medieval Advice Literature of Rulership and Counsel
  • Women in the Modern Middle East
  • Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Students went on to...

  • Become an analyst at Accenture
  • Pursue Middle Eastern studies at Harvard
  • Study applied physics at Cornell

More Information

More information for the Near Eastern Studies major, Near Eastern Studies minor, Near Eastern Studies graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.