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Psychology majors can concentrate in one of these areas, behavioral and evolutionary neuroscience; perception, cognition and development; or social and personality psychology. Many students double major in Psychology and Economics and many Psychology majors pursue a minor in Cognitive Science. The goal of the psychology major is to familiarize the student with current knowledge about the important determinants of human behavior and with the methods used to expand that knowledge. The development of critical thinking skills is emphasized. Students must take at least one course in each of the three main areas of the department. Forty credits in psychology are required for the major, some of which can come from courses in related disciplines such as Human Development, Biology, Economics, Sociology, and Anthropology. Psychology majors pursue careers as psychological scientists, as clinical practitioners, as marketing researchers, as consultants and in a wide range of public and private-sector enterprises. Many psychology majors go on to medical school, law school and business school.

Interesting Classes

  • Biopsychology of Learning and Memory
  • Moral Reasoning
  • Human Perception: Applications to Computer Graphics, Art, and Visual Display
  • Evolution of Language
  • Intuitive Judgment

Students went on to...

  • Study dentistry at Harvard
  • Be an analyst at Deutsche Bank
  • Study social work at University of Michigan

More Information

More information for the Psychology major, Psychology minor, Psychology graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.