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Comparative Literature

Two tracks are offered for majors in comparative literature. Comparative Literary Studies is designed for students who wish to place greater emphasis on literature in their course work. Literary, Visual, and Media Studies is designed for students who wish to pursue their study of literature and theory by integrating rigorous work in film, video or other arts and media. The broad range of courses provides a critical and historical perspective on world literature and cultures. This approach enables graduates to thrive in the contemporary multicultural and transnational world. Many graduates go on to study law or medicine or continue graduate work in other professional fields or related academic areas. Others embark upon careers in education, human rights, national or international governmentality, business, the non-profit sphere, communications or the arts.

Interesting Classes

  • Narratives of Travel, Migration, and Exile
  • The Tragic Theater
  • Martial Arts Film and Literature: Globalization from the East
  • The European Novel
  • Thinking Surrealisms

Students went on to...

  • Teach high school biology in NYC
  • Be a production editor at Random House
  • Study veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


More Information

More information for the Comparative Literature major, Comparative Literature graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.