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Cornell University Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences Cornell University

College of Arts and Sciences, Liberal Arts at Cornell University

Roosevelt, Muir


The department is particularly strong in ancient, medieval, and modern European history, as well as American, Latin American, and Asian history. It also has a unique history of science program. In addition to a wide range of introductory and advanced courses, students can engage in independent research for credit, both within the honors program and under independent faculty supervision. History majors from Cornell have pursued careers that require critical thinking and superior organization, such as education, politics, law and business.

The popularity of history among Cornell students is due to its usefulness as preparation for graduate, professional, or law school and for any career that requires critical thinking and good writing; the reputation of the faculty for scholarship, teaching and advising; and most of all, the intrinsic interest of the discipline.

Interesting Classes

  • Monstrous Births, Scheming Midwives: Childbirth in Europe 1500-1700
  • Ghosts and Legacies: The Construction of Public Memory
  • Holy War, Crusade, and Jihad in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • 19th Century European Culture and Intellectual History: Modernization of the American Mind
  • The U.S. Vietnam War

Students went on to...

  • Study pre-health at U Penn
  • Become a consultant and Ernst and Young
  • Study history at UCLA

More Information

More information for the History major, History minor, History graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.