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chemistry and chemical biology

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers two undergraduate degree routes. The standard major provides a comprehensive background for those who plan to go to graduate school in chemistry or a related subject. The alternative major is a flexible program with a core of chemistry courses and lots of room for a personalized plan or double major in areas such as biology, computer science, journalism, law or business administration. Both programs are designed to train students in logical thinking and creative problem solving. More than half of Cornell's chemistry majors pursue graduate study in the sciences, including medicine. Others go to graduate or professional school in other fields, while some go directly into positions with chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Interesting Classes

  • Entrepreneurship in Chemical Enterprise
  • Introduction to Quantum Chemistry
  • Information Literacy for the Physical Scientist
  • Chemistry of Natural Products: Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Chemical Communication

Students went on to...

  • Be an associate chemist at Loreal US
  • Study medicine at Georgetown University
  • Be a financial analyst at CITI

More Information

More information for the Chemistry and Chemical Biology major, Chemistry and Chemical Biology graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.