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Students are exposed to a wide range of research areas, periods, critical methods and theoretical frameworks: from textual analysis and cultural studies, to psychoanalytic and critical social theory to the study of genre, gender, and sexuality; from early historic periods to recent transatlantic trends. Undergraduate students in the French Studies Program can choose to major in French cultural studies or concentrate in French literature. The French literature major is designed to give students mastery of the oral and written language, as well as knowledge and understanding of French and Francophone literatures and cultures, and to develop skills in literary analysis. The French cultural studies concentration offers a more precise focus on historical, cultural, or theoretical issues.

Interesting Classes

  • The French Experience
  • Advanced French Through Film
  • Being Bad in the Renaissance
  • Rehearsing the Enlightenment in France
  • Advanced French Stylistics

Students went on to...

  • Study French linguistics at Penn State
  • Work for the Bank of America as an analyst
  • Join the Peace Corps

More Information

More information for the French major, French minor, is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.