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Asian art

Asian Studies

A major in Asian Studies is rewarding because the growing global importance of Asia means increasing career opportunities in law, business, government, journalism, arts and education. Requirements include completion of two years of Asian language or equivalent demonstrated proficiency and 30 additional credits. Students select courses in the areas of literature and linguistics, religion, and society and culture, including at least one course at the 33XX level and one at the 44XX level, and benefit from a highly interdisciplinary approach to learning about the complex civilizations of Asia. Students majoring in Asian Studies work closely with a faculty advisor to design academic programs that meets their individual interests, abilities, and career goals. Many majors choose to double major in another discipline. There are many extra-curricular activities related to Asia and majors are encouraged to become familiar with activities of the East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia programs on campus.

Beyond the major, we offer minors in each of three areas, East Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies. These are intended for students whose other commitments at Cornell do not allow them to complete the full major requirement in Asian Studies, but who nevertheless come to pursue some specific interest in the language and/or culture of one region in Asia.

Interesting Classes

  • Translation and Cultural Difference
  • Monks, Texts, and Relics: Transnational Buddhism in Asia
  • From Slow Boats to CEOs? The Chinese of Southeast Asia
  • Love, War & Supernatural in Pre-Modern Japan
  • Topics in Indian Film
  • Antiquity and Modernity in Contemporary China

Students went on to...

  • Be an analyst at Deutsche Bank
  • Do human resource development at IBM
  • Be an investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers

More Information

More information for the Asian Studies major, Asian Studies graduate program is available in the Cornell University Course Catalog.

Visit the the department/program website for faculty and research information.