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Dean's List Requirements

Cornell University Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences Cornell University

College of Arts and Sciences, Liberal Arts at Cornell University

Dean's List Requirements Beginning Fall 2011

  • Minimum 12 Letter-Grade Credits
  • No failing grades (i.e., F, U, UX)*
  • No grade C- or lower
  • Minimum GPA Required:
    • 12 Credits — 3.9 or higher
    • 13 or 14 credits — 3.8 or higher
    • 15 or 16 credits — 3.7 or higher
    • 17 or more credits — 3.6 or higher

S/U credits DO count for graduation but DO NOT count towards Dean's List

*Any courses which do not count towards the degree are excluded.

*UX for Phys Ed excluded

INCOMPLETES: Students with incomplete grades will be evaluated after the incomplete grade is made up. The student must have qualified for the Dean's List before and after the incomplete grade was made up.


Dean's List Requirements Prior to Fall 2011